Sharing Hana’s Story – Film


Most recently, this story has been brought to life in the award winning documentary feature film, “Inside Hana’s Suitcase”. Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Larry Weinstein, and written by Thomas Wallner “Inside Hana’s Suitcase” is a powerful journey full of mystery and memories, brought to life through first-hand perspectives of Fumiko, George and of Hana herself.

The film’s plot unfolds as told through contemporary young storytellers who act as the omniscient narrators. They seamlessly transport us through 70 years of history and back and forth across three continents, and relate to us a story of unspeakable sadness and also of shining hope. For this is a Holocaust story unlike others. It provides a contemporary global perspective and lessons to be learned for a better future.

This film premiered on April 30th, 2009 at the HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

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