Cousin Vera Hajek

Cousin Vera Hajek

Cousin Vera Hajek Remembers Hana:

One day in the spring 1931, our family received an invitation from Uncle Karel and Aunt Greta to come and celebrate the birth of their daughter Hana who had been born in May.

The weather was pleasant when our family arrived at the Brady’s house. After a cordial welcome, we all tip toed into the nursery to the bedside of the sleeping baby. Auntie picked up Hana in her arms, so that we could all see her better.

The child opened her eyes, and we admired her pink cheeks, lovely little pink lips and her very fine hair, which was combed in a lock on the top of her head. I still remember Hana’s beautiful blue eyes keenly observing each of us.

Time quickly passed by and Hana grew up very fast. I remember Hana sitting in her stroller being pushed by her nanny. She always sat straight up looking inquisitively around. Playing in a sandbox was also her favorite activity. Hana had many dolls, but there was one favourite, a big doll named Nana.

I also remember when Hana walked hand in hand with her mother to the school the first time. Hana liked school and because of her sweet tempered nature, she made many good friends. By this time, Hana was introduced to winter sports. Skating was easy for her and very soon she was trying figure skating. Cross-country skiing was a family event.

During the wintertime, on many Sunday afternoons, we went skiing from Nove Mesto to a small village called Rokytno. The distance between the two places was approximately 8km. There was a small tearoom at Rokytno, where we used to stop to rest and enjoy a few cups of tea and delicious pastries. On our way to Rokytno, Hana’s goal was to be the skier in the lead, in spite of her being the youngest among us! Hana liked the competition…

Another pleasant memory is of December 6, 1938, St. Nicholas’ Day. As we all knew, St. Nicholas brought gifts to children who had behaved well during the whole year.