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Don Flaig’s, Novel Study Guide (click to download)

Since Fumiko first reached out to our family in August of 2000, this story has touched millions around the world. In particular, children have received the story with the greatest interest. Here is a girl, not unlike themselves, an ordinary kid who did ordinary things, who liked drawing and painting and telling stories and playing games with her brother and yet she never had the chance to grow up. Children wanted to know why and it is precisely this “WHY?” that many try and answer.

Children all over the world have been inspired to write poems, to compose music, to make drawings and also to write letters to Fumiko, George and Hana, sharing their feelings about how Hana’s story has touched them, and helped them to understand the evils of intolerance and racism. Hana’s suitcase is now filled with the love and thoughts of thousands of children. It may appear empty, but it is once again, miraculously, packed – with life and joy.

We’d like to share just a few projects that we’ve received over the past few years.