Hana Brady


Hana was born May 16, 1931 and lived with her parents and her brother George, older by three years, in a yellow house on the main square of the town of Nove Mesto. Living above the family store, life was very full and exciting for Hana. Whether skiing or fighting with her brother, Hana has endless enthusiasm and energy! However, in most cases, her generous spirit is what friends and family remember most.

Life changed drastically for Hana when the Nazis enforced restrictions and terrible measures on Hana’s family. After her parents’ arrest in 1941, Hana herself was deported with George to Terezin in May of 1942. Celebrating her 11th birthday in transit, Hana and George were finally separated on May 18th, when they arrived in Terezin.

In Terezin, Hana led an active life and was lucky enough to participate in secret classes. Partaking in art and music lessons, Hana tried to maintain any normalcy she could even after her brother was sent out east in September of 1944. Eventually she herself was deported in October of 1944, to Auschwitz. On October 23rd, 1944, Hana was killed immediately on arrival at Auschwitz.