Karel Brady


Born on May 28th, 1898; Karel lead a very involved life in Nove Mesto na Morave. He was a star soccer player on the regional team, an actor in the town theatre, a volunteer firefighter and even announced the regional ski races!

He ran the Brady General Store and expanded it to include wholesale to neighbouring regions. An incredibly active and warm family man, Karel tried to shield his family from the invading presence of the Nazis.

In the fall of 1941, months after the arrest of his wife Marketa, Karel came home with three squares of cloth, each with multiple yellow Stars of David on them. These yellow stars were to be worn by Jews whenever they left the house.

As a result of another man’s refusal to wear this symbol properly, all the adult Jewish men in Nove Mesto were taken away in September of 1941. This included Karel. Taken to Iglau, a Gestapo prison, Karel was eventually sent in June of 1942 to Auschwitz where he was killed on July 14, 1942.