George Brady

George BRADY

Born on February 9th, 1928; George was a lively boy whose life changed when his sister Hana was born. Together, they lived a normal family life, skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, going to school, making friends, and helping out in the store. But when the Nazis came, life changed. More and more restrictions were placed on Jewish families.

When both of their parents were arrested in 1941, George and Hana were lucky enough to be looked after by their uncle and aunt. However, further disaster struck in May 1942 when both children were deported to Terezin, a ghetto set up by the Nazis in an old fortress town. Hana was 11 and George 14.

In September of 1944, George was transported to Auschwitz where he managed to survive by working and with the help of many lucky breaks.

In January 1945, just one month shy of his 17th birthday, George escaped during a death march towards Germany. He returned home to Nove Mesto only to find that his parents had been killed. He held on to hope for Hana’s return but shortly thereafter learned of her tragic fate.

As the only survivor of his immediate family, George decided to leave Czechoslovakia because of the Communist takeover, eventually making his way to Canada. Two years later, he and another Holocaust survivor founded a successful plumbing business; when he retired, over 40 years later, the business had over 200 employees. Having promised himself when he was a helpless prisoner that he would help those in need if he survived the war, George became and has continued to partake in various charitable organisations and maintained an active role in his community.